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In the foothills of the Tibald mountains, sitting in the shadow of Mount Hiteh, lies Habrig. Built mostly of ancient stone, it sits at the crest of a daunting hill. The view of sunset and sunrise from Habrig is breathtaking, but so is the journey to reach it.

A mystical site of unknown origin, Habrig has healing powers to those who stand inside it. Legend also tells of a gift given to those clever enough to give Habrig what it asks for:

Habrig’s Lament

she say don’t pick roses

she say the land is bulging

he say they sometimes hear

he say divulge your burden here

people sometimes hear but seldom listen

truth from the stones will glisten, glisten

— Unknown author

Location @ X: 2440 Z: 2435

Founded: Unknown

Difficulty: Unknown

Chests: Unknown