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Forrest Vale

Forrest Vale is a small abandoned village on the road from Tir Gire to Deaton Vale. It did not serve very much purpose but to contain vacation homes for the rich descendants of the Vale family. The most notable of these people is Avery Forrest, who is credited for founding the village. The village contains two large  houses and multiple storage facilities for supplies. A small market stand sits on the edge of the road.


In 69 AT, Avery Forrest established the village of Forrest Vale to serve as a new home for the Vale Matriarchy’s affluent. Ownership of the houses was passed down among the family, but eventually the weakening of Deaton and Bledsoe Vale caused it to become unsustainable. The town was abandoned in 108 AC.



The abandoned village of Forrest Vale
The abandoned village of Forrest Vale

Location @ X: 681, Z: 1554
Founded: # AC/AT
Difficulty: Novice/Medium/Difficult/Insane
Chests: At least 1 common, 3 very uncommon, and 2 rare chests.