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0.9.5 (2015 06 30)

The Economic Stabilizer Update
Updated shops from flatfile to MySQL
reset bank accounts + property

— snip, snip —

0.9 (2015 06 25)

Increased loot chest % from 10 to 50; good loot is now much more likely
Removed ChestRestock
Suspended HealthBar (not working with increased health amounts
Removed XPStrength
Added skulls to loot tables
Removed botany plugin
Added Church, annex, merchants building, 4 Water st building in Minos available for purchase

0.8.9 (20115 06 24)

Reduced spell casters range for some spells
updated Bank.jar
updated ThrowingWeapons.jar
increased warrior damage bonuses
blocked spells from adventure cities
Fixed horse death killing rider
Adjusted horses to permit killing by players, mobs
Fixed editing in bought property in Adventure Cities
Updated GUIDE TO CLASSES in Landing
Fixed stacking from 64 to 16 by default
Closed Redstone trading imbalance
Set damage bonus for warrior using new custom plugin
Fixed banking dupe glitch
Set up extra hearts for all classes
Removed diamond armor from everyone except warriors
Gave compasses new functionality (/compass $player, /compass deathpoint)

0.8.6 (20150621)

Upgraded WorldGuard, WorldEdit
Installed AntiSplosion to block creeper block damage, but permit all other explosions
Finished & opened Tir Gire
Created dev world, moving all warps to that world

0.8.5 (20150620)

Open beta begins.
Removed wall jump, double jump from Warriors.
Removed NoBoom.jar.
Fixed ranking problem.
Fixed butcher shop in Minos.
Fixed armor shop in Minos.
Corrected NPE in Ales 0.4 caused by player consume item event.

0.8.4 (20150619)

fixed throwable weapons for warriors
tested warriors double jump, wall jump
burdor wool buyer done
burdor stew dealer done
tir gire inn & tavern
tir gire infirmary
fixed land around wilderfax
fixed land around sequippa
fixed land around Princes Rune on Naze
fixed land and roads at Forrest Vale
fixed land and roads at Crowbere
added class description book at spawn
locked Tir Gire
replaced Pilgrim’s Villa in Minos

0.8.3 (20150617)

configured loot chests in all Adventure Areas

0.8.2 (20150616)

repaired catacombs below Minos
fixed chest at Landing to spawn wood sword, bread, leather plate
Copied over the bridge leaving Minos, was missing from latest map

0.8.1 (20150614)

set WorldGuard regions for Burdor
installed Throwable Weapons
updated Bank
updated Horses to suppress warnings on death

0.8 (20150613)

roads in Tir Gire complete
burdor bank
burdor constable
burdor infirmary
burdor butcher
burdor tavern
burdor inn
burdor armory
burdor weaponsmith
burdor homes for sale
burdor streets complete
burdor waters added
burdor bakery done

0.7.9 (20150611)

final WorldPainter version (version 53)
added Burdor caves

0.7.8 (20150606)

put giant trees in Tir Gire
connected walkways between trees in Tir Gire

0.7.7 (20150605)

Rebuilt map to populate ores underground
copy/pasted most adventure areas
Setup stores in Minos:
mushroom seller
fish monger
ore dealer
Daisy Flora’s trap fixed (HeresyHammer)
Minos gates fixed (HeresyHammer)
Aquaduct dam & water fix (in progress; HeresyHammer)

0.7.6 (20150529)

Fixed mob head drops – now only hostile mobs drop heads
Fixed mobs not dropping heads when killed by players without a sword (ie archers)
Fixed second level rogues not being able to pick locks (outside Adventure Areas)
Set worldguard on exit from Minos shrine exit from the Catacombs
0.7.5 (20150528)

Fixed bug preventing rooms from being un-rented on death
fixed bug preventing chest protections from reverting on death
Enabled WorldBorder
0.7.4 (20150527)

moved the Bank in Minos
moved other buildings to improve the street-level feel
set WorldGuard region protection on the catacombs
set WorldGuard region protection on the Minos lighthouse
0.7.3 (20150527)

Merged dev map builds into production world
Ales plugin feature complete and functional
Made all water from Minos Aquaduct flow in proper direction; fixed leaks
Removed old tavern in Minos
Added streetlights sporadically
Added WorldGuard protection to minos_aquaduct
Updated Bank plugin

0.7.2 (20150524)

Updated all adventure areas to permit boats, using doors, furnaces, and other interact blocks
fixed boat use at Bledsoe Vale
fixed bed use at Sequippa
Moved all build team warps over to dev world
Added bank in Minos, players can store their virtual currency – and real items – there
Fixed armor shop
Fixed stable shop for saddles, etc
Fixed mushroom shop (20150522)

Adjusted max-bulk-chunk down from 20 to the standard 10. This fixes “Decoder Exception Badly compressed packed” connection error the build team was experiencing.

Destroyed AreaShop data; all rented areas are now deleted. Dammit! I’ll re-enter them ASAP. (20150520)

Disabled explosions in Minos.
Build team began adding in sewers in Minos.
Rented areas in Tir Gire work now.

0.6.1 (20150519)


Replaced SimpleRegionMarket with AreaShop. Rented rooms in Minos work now.

0.6 (20150420)

Restarted working on this. Uploaded map, installed Spigot 1.8.3, began updating plugins.

0.4 (20130802)


mob counts increased – there were very few mobs spawning, this has been upped to make it more challenging
mobs now do slightly more damage
auto-heal from full hunger has been removed. To heal you must visit an infirmary in a city, or find a healing potion
added half-used stone pick to The Landing spawn
stable in Tir Gire now actually sells horses instead of doing … well, nothing
lightning coils can now target players – to target all players except one, make a sign saying
Known issues:

creepers leave holes, this will be fixed soon.

0.3 (20130730)


Reduced frequency of Pigzombies – they were too tough, so I scaled them back
Fixed lightning coils spawning pigzombies and blazes when turned on
Mobs are dropping XP again
Adventure Areas weren’t allowing players to open loot chests, this has been fixed
Donation buttons fixed, in game perks work now
XP requirements for rogues increased
XP requirements for mages increased
Horse plugin updated
Known issues:

horses can be struck by lightning reactor coils in Minos and Tir Gire
mob spawnpoints not working in Adventure Areas
dynmap disabled to increase performance; moved to static map for now

0.2 (20130728)

Known issues:

opening a chest while opped + holding iron ingot consumes the ingot
mob spawnpoints not working in Adventure Areas
Adventure Area chests not randomized loot
horses can be struck by lightning reactor coils in Minos and Tir Gire
mobs won’t drop XP
zombies are regular speed, not fast
lightning coils not working correctly
blazes & pigmen spawn when turning on lightning coils
Changed worldguard flags enter: deny to enter: allow for Adventure Areas: Habrig, Forrest Vale, Deaton Vale, Bledsoe Vale, Crowbere, Princes Rune-on-Naze, Sequippa, Tarragon Outpost, & Wilderfax

0.1 (20130727)

Initial release.