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How do I regain health?

Tire Gire Infirmary
Tire Gire Infirmary

To regain health you can do one of 3 things. Eat a Golden Apple, use a Healing Potion, or visit an Infirmary. All three Adventure Cities (Burdor, Minos, Tir Gire) have Infirmaries. Healing is free at these locations. Just go stand on a bed. You can purchase Healing Potions only at the Minos Infirmary. Tir Gire and Burdor infirmaries do not yet have a Healing Potions Store.

OMG I died and lost everything! WTH?!?!

When you die you lose: your XP, Money, Class and all abilities attained, Horses, and Rented Rooms. Any chests you built, locked and stored things in, will be unlocked. You retain any property that you purchased, and you keep any money or items that you stored in a bank. Banks are available in all three Adventure Cities (Burdor, Minos, Tir Gire).

It’s generally best not to die.

How do I rank up?

The server will automatically rank you up once you’ve reached the next XP level. All ranking is based on XP, and every 10 levels you rank up. For more information see the wiki page for your class.

How do I get food?

Minos Fish Monger
Minos Fish Monger

You can purchase food in all three Adventure Cities (Burdor, Minos, Tir Gire). Each city should have a baker, butcher, mushroom / stew shop, and a fish monger. Some cities also have a market with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Outside Adventure Areas, you can farm and harvest normally, although crops can be more difficult to grow than in Vanilla Minecraft.

How do I make money?

Players are encouraged to hunt mobs at night. All three Adventure Cities (Burdor, Minos, Tir Gire) offer a bounty for mob heads, and selling these heads at the constable is a major source of income.

Players can also mine; Adventure Cities (Burdor, Minos, Tir Gire) have an ore dealer who will pay for iron, gold, and diamonds.

Additionally, players can also purchase goods in one Adventure City and sell them in another, as a Merchant/Trader Each Adventure City has a different price for goods, so familiarity with prices will aid the aspiring merchant in developing a lucrative trade route. However, be on the lookout for bandits and corrupt city dwellers if you decide to go this route.

Can I have a nickname?

Yep. Use the nickname request form. We’ll get to it as soon as possible.

Where can I build?

Outside Adventure Areas are all free-build. You are welcome to construct any home you like there. In addition, Adventure Cities (Burdor, Minos, Tir Gire) have homes for sale. Once purchased, you can edit the blocks in your property area to your liking (Property).

How do I find another city?

You can find popular locations on the Map.

What is there to do?

Tire Gire at Night
Tire Gire at Night

Players can do all the activities you can do in Vanilla Minecraft: harvest/mine resources, build, PvP, farm, breed animals, and go exploring. In addition, Irrupt offers many new activities:

  • Head to a tavern and enjoy a good drink. Try not to drink too much.
  • Open a store. Players who purchase land in an Adventure Area can open a store there, as well as stores out in the wilderness.
  • Find an Adventure Area. The map lists several, such as Deaton Vale, or Crowbere. These areas have a higher concentration of mobs, but also have loot chests containing valuables and money.
  • Explore. Irrupt is a big world, with lots of interesting little features.
  • Tour all three Adventure Area towns, making note of prices in each. Many merchants get their start selling alcohol from one city to another, making a profit along the way.
  • Start a town. If a player town becomes successful enough, it can be turned into an Adventure City. This would bring great benefit to the player who founded the town, as the ability to sell land could be quite lucrative.
  • PvP. Becoming a bandit is discouraged, but won’t get you banned. It can make you rather unpopular, however.