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Bank of Minos
Bank of Minos

Each of the three main Adventure Cities has a server bank.

The bank can store your /money as well as precious items. Rogues cannot steal from a bank, and if you die, the money and items in a bank will stay after you respawn.

To access your bank account, enter the bank in Minos, Tir Gire, or Burdor. Click on the sign, and the bank inventory screen will open up.

At the top is a list of black glass; these are the options.¬†The third¬†one in says “Click to withdraw/deposit”; click that.


You’ll be presented with options for adding or removing money.



You can deposit or withdraw all your money, or just some of it. You can do partial amounts by typing a number in chat.

Next are item deposits. BE CAREFUL. If you put your inventory in the bank, you can lose it. Instead try putting just the stuff you want to deposit in your hot-bar (the bottom nine slots).

To start, click on the fifth black glass pane.


Then click on the third blue glass pane to deposit all the items in your hotbar. In this case, I’m depositing a block of quartz.


Then hit escape to leave the bank. Even if you die your items and money will be safe! You can access your bank from Tir Gire, Burdor, or Minos.