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Irrupt uses Vault for currency, which means you carry a virtual wallet. To access your money, type


Players start with a zero balance. To gain money, players can

  • kill mobs. In the safe server cities of Tir Gire and Minos, sell mob heads and skulls to the constable for approximately $30 each
  • mine. In Tir Gire and Minos, players can sell iron and gold ore to the ore dealers for currency.
  • exchange iron ingots. Players can trade iron ingots for currency, and vice versa, with no transaction fee. The current exchange rate is $17 per iron ingot.

Buying from shops

The server safe cities of Tir Gire and Minos have a number of shops that sell goods to players. In some cases, these shops buy from players as well.

You can find ore dealers, butchers, innkeepers, weaponsmiths, stablemasters, real estate, bakers, and other goods vendors.

In most cases, you’ll see a chest with a sign on it – AShop – to know it’s a chest shop. Right click the shop, and you’ll see items that you can either buy or sell. Hover your mouse over the item to see the cost. Then click to buy (or sell, depending on the item). Careful! One click and you’re done, so it pays to be mindful here.

Running a shop

Coming soon – players can lease shop space in the cities, and open their own stores to sell goods to other players.

Renting a room

There is an inn at each safe server city, Minos or Tir Gire. To rent a room, find an open door and click on it – you’ll have the ability to open, use any chest or furnace inside, and rest. Be careful, though – if a thief can gain entry to a room, they can pick the lock on the chest and get your goods as well.

When your rent is up the room reverts to rentable by anyone – including any goods you’ve left in the chest.

When you rent a room, only you can go in and out through the door. But anyone can leave, and you can open the door for those you wish to enter with you. This means two or more players may share a room, but the only one who can open the door from the outside is the player who pays the bill.

Buying real estate

The server safe cities also have land available to buy. Usually this land is in the thousands of dollars, and once purchased, is owned until the player dies. Then the property reverts to being on the market, available for any player to buy.

When buying land in a city, the player gains the ability to remove and place blocks on their property. This means players can remodel their home however they like, provided they stay within their plot of land.

Although expensive, being a landowner in a safe city offers a large advantage in terms of safety from mobs, as well as proximity to the shops and items available in town.

On death, purchased land reverts to being for sale – including all chests and items that the player previously had on the residence.

Buying a horse

To purchase a horse, visit a stable in Minos or Tir Gire. Horses are approximately $600-$700. To purchase, click the sign. You will see a message that you have purchased the horse.

Horses are stored in your virtual stable. To see your horses, type

/horse list

To summon a horse, type

/horse summon <horsename>

To rename your horse, type

/horse rename <horsename> <newname>

You make keep up to five horses in your virtual stable at any time. If you die, your horses are removed.

Trading with other players

Coming soon.