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Tir Gire

Tir Gire
Tir Gire

Tir Gire is one of three Adventure Cities. An Adventure Area filled with shops, buildings, player-buy-able real estate, and fairly safe from mobs. Tir Gire is renowned as the city of trees, as most buildings are constructed inside the enormous Tirwood trees from which the city takes its name. Walkways connect the buildings, and glow stone lights the pathways at night. Like Minos, Tir Gire is protected by lightning reactor coils, statues that call down lightning to strike nearby mobs.

Trade Information

Imports: diamonds, gold, iron, Burdor stout, lapis, redstone, baked goods
Exports: wool, diamond tools, iron tools, iron armor.

Notable Areas

(no current information)

Other Information

Location: X 1689, Z 1282

Founded: (unknown)

Type: Adventure City