Warrior in Iron with Bow

The Warrior class has five levels, and each level gives players increased combat abilities. Warriors can use different types of arrows that have different effects on their targets. They can also wall jump to increase their ability to surprise and attack opponents. Warriors also do more damage per attack at each level. Finally, Warriors can craft throw-able axes and knives. See the special abilities section below for more information.

Players can become Warriors at The Landing, the spawn world. To become a Warrior, left-click the Warrior sign on the signboard.

[table]Title,XP Level Required,Hearts,Damage Increase,Extra Abilities

warrior_i,none,16,+1,Slowing Arrow;Throwing Axe; Wall Jump

warrior_ii,10,16,+2,Flame Arrow

warrior_iii,10,20,+3,Craft/Use Throwing Knives; Torch Arrow

warrior_iv,10,25,+4,Poison Arrows;

warrior_v,10,30,+5,Teleport Arrows; Web Arrows[/table]



Warrior in Iron with Sword

Warriors can wear all types of armor, and are the only class that can wear diamond armor.

Special Abilities

Warriors gain extra hearts automatically. When you have sufficient XP, you will automatically be ranked up to the next level.

To turn on your damage bonus, type /xpbonus. (UPDATE: No need to turn this on anymore, it is now automatic.)


To change arrows, equip a bow in hand and left-mouse click, or tap the shift key. The on screen display will change the arrow type, showing the name of the arrow equipped. You can cycle through the different arrow types until you find the one you want to use.

Slowing Arrow: Slows your targets move speed.

Flame Arrow: Sets your target on fire.

Torch Arrow: Places a torch where the arrow lands. This is useful for caving.

Poison Arrow: Poisons your target.

Teleport Arrow: Teleports shooter to wherever the arrow lands.

Web Arrow: Places target in a spider web. Useful for slowing target.

Wall Jump

To wall jump, simply run and jump at a wall. While in the air, hold the shift button. You’ll automatically spin and jump off the wall. Watch out for falling damage! It might help to practice near the infirmary, so you don’t accidentally die while figuring it out.


First you need Ender Pearls to create throw-able knives and axes. To craft throwing knives and axes, use the Ender Pearls, as pictured below.

Throw-able Knife:


Throw-able Axe: