Rogue in Chain Mail with String Ready to Pick-pocket

The Rogue class has three levels, and each level gives players different abilities.

Players can become Rogues at The Landing, the spawn world. To become a Rogue, left-click the Rogue sign on the signboard. To use any rogue abilities, players need appropriate equipment. This includes string for pickpocketing, iron ingots for lockpicking, and flint + iron for shurikens.

[table]Title,XP Level Required,Extra Abilities

rogue_i,none,Turn Invisible; Climb Walls; Roll From Falls; Pick Pockets

rogue_ii,10,Lock Pick; Craft + Use Grappling Hook

rogue_iii,20,Craft + Use Shurikens; Grab and Pull Targets with Grappling Hook[/table]


Rogues can wear all armor except diamond.

Special Abilities

Pickpocket – In order to Pickpocket a player must crouch and right click a player while holding string. They will then receive a random item from the player’s inventory, if they succeed.

Stealth – Hold shift in a dark area, you will receive the message that you are invisible. The effect ends when the player releases the shift key.

Climb – To climb, sneak and right-click a climbable block (wood, cobble, etc). Your hands must be free (not holding any items) and if you stop sneaking (shift key), then you’ll fall to the ground. With some practice, you’ll scale buildings and even hang from underneath blocks.

Roll from falls – Rogues can reduce fall damage. Hold shift while you hit the ground (You can begin holding shift while falling. Just make sure its still held down when you hit the ground.)

LockPick – In order to Lock Pick a player must right click a chest, door, or furnace while holding an iron ingot, the chest/door/furnace will open if they succeed.

Craft and use the grappling hook – Just throw the hook out onto a solid block, and when pulling it back in, you will be pulled to its location.
If the hook sticks into an entity ( a player, pig, cow, etc…), the entity will be pulled to you.
If the you reel in the hook when it is in water or still in the air, it will behave as a normal fishing rod.

Here is the crafting recipe:

Shuriken – To throw a shuriken, right click while holding it. Each shuriken does 1 heart of damage; however, on a successful assassination, it will do up to 4.5 hearts of damage.

Crafting Recipe: