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Player Classes

Player classes are the main way to differentiate a players abilities on Irrupt. Currently, Warriors, Mages, and Rogues are available.


The Warrior class has five levels, and each level gives players increased combat abilities. Warriors can use arrows that affect their targets by slowing then, poisoning them, or setting them on fire. To change arrows, equip a bow and left-mouse click. The on screen display will change, showing the name of the arrow equipped.

Warriors also do more damage per attack at each level. In addition, Warriors can craft throwable axes and knives.

Finally, Warriors can use a wall jump to increase their ability to surprise and attack opponents. Simply run and jump at a wall, and jump again when you hit it.

Players can become Warriors at The Landing, the spawn world. To become a Warrior, left-click the Warrior sign on the signboard. To use any warrior arrow abilities, players need a bow and some arrows. To craft throwable weapons, players need enderpearls.

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The Mage class has ten levels, and each level gives players the ability to cast additional spells. There are two ways to cast spells – typing /cast <spellname>, or binding a spell to an item and using that item.

Players can become Mages at The Landing, the spawn world. To become a Mage, left-click the Mage sign on the signboard. There are no materials required or mana points to use magic, but most spells have a cooldown period after each use.

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Rogues are masters of hiding, surprise, and subterfuge. They can pick locks, steal from other players inventory, sneak attack, climb walls, disappear, and disguise themselves. Rogues thrive in cities or living near other players. They’re also excellent fighters to have in a group, due to their surprising and often unexpected attacks.

The Rogue class has three levels, and each level gives players new abilities. Players can become Rogues at The Landing, the spawn world. To become a Rogue, left-click the Rogue sign on the signboard.

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