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  • Irrigating crops is now non-trivial, because buckets will not move water sources. In early game, players who want faster crop growth have to search out natural water sources and plant near them. Players can eventually irrigate anywhere by collecting and moving ice (requires silk touch enchant) or trading for ice, then melting it. Remember, most crops do not REQUIRE water to be useful, they just produce faster when it’s nearby.
  • Some plants will die, forcing players to do the math and conserve their seeds. Of course bonemeal can be used to produce more seed for wheat, but overeating can quickly reduce a carrot or potato crop. This has the effect of rebalancing food sources, encouraging players to build bigger gardens for the same output. Plants are more likely to die when planted in dry soil or in the desert.
  • Plants need natural light to grow. Plants which don’t get sufficient natural light will die.
  • If snow falls on plants, it will cover them over and kill them, leaving only a lump of snow where the plant used to be.
  • Melon/pumpkin seeds are not craftable, restoring their status as a rare and desirable find. Players can still “roll the dice” by breaking a full-grown stem to see if they get an extra seed back.
  • Bonemeal won’t work on mushrooms. Mushroom farming will be limited to the more challenging and scientific mushroom spreading mechanic (dark place with suitable head room and room for shrooms to spread).
  • Nether wart isn’t farmable. Instead, players can get more by killing zombie pigmen in nether fortresses.
  • All sheep are white, but may be dyed temporarily (for one shearing). Brown sheep are really just dirty white sheep, and black sheep are really just dirty brown sheep. 🙂 This encourages players to learn how to make various dyes, and explore farming options for those dyes. It will also make some wool colors much more rare than others, since some dyes are more difficult (or impossible) to farm.
  • Animals aren’t worth experience because it’s too easy to (literally) farm them.