Welcome to Irrupt! Survival RPG.

Irrupt is a survival RPG server. It’s currently in development, expected to open for private beta in mid-May, 2017. The server provides a unique role playing experience by having 3 unique classes and a map full of things to discover. Whether a player wants to be a merchant and travel among the cities to buy and sell goods, or to adventure and risk their life for loot, the hardcore experience this server provides is like none other. Connect at

Player Classes




The World


Adventure Cities

Minos – the starting city, a struggling city of thieves and adventure

Burdor – a sunken city underground, dangerous – but where vast riches await

Tir Gire – the best hope for civilization in this torn land, a city that builds elegantly in the tree tops

Adventure Areas

Epic Areas

  • Darkrook – in progress
  • Mount Hiteh – coming soon


Economy covers the basics of working with

Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics covers the differences between Vanilla and this RPG, including:

  • Mining
  • Getting Around in a World Without Warps
  • Mobs
  • Inventory & Stacking
  • Lightning Reactor Coils
  • Torches
  • Farming
  • Healing
  • Compass tracker