“The only true thing is the steel blade of the sword.”

— Barcoda the Bold, Warrior of The Southern Reaches

The Glory of Battle

Warriors are the most common class of adventurer in Irrupt, choosing the straight foward path to victory. Warriors can deal more damage with swords, fist, and bows than any other character – can can take more damage as well. At higher levels, Warriors become skilled with archery, able to target arrows on foes to cause heavy damage.

Warrior players tend to develop their own style – some fight quickly, darting in and out to maximize damage on opponents while minimizing their own. Others wade directly into battle, throwing mobs left and right as they cleave a path for the rest of their party.

Warriors are natural leaders, and tend to form the party captain, advising Rogues and Mages how to best support the plan of attack. The wisest of them all grow to massive power, and become lords and rangers and live a long, healthy life.

Circle Abilities

Warriors gain more strength and heart boxes as they gain XP. Even level of improvement is called a Circle. Warriors start at First Circle, and rise all the way up to Tenth Circle Warriors.

First Circle – A new Warrior has a healthy 12 heart boxes, and does an additional +1 point of damage to any foe, using any weapon. They can also jump far distances by double pressing the space bar when jumping.

Second Circle – Second Circle Warriors have 14 heart boxes, and do +2 points of damage.

Third Circle – At the Third Circle, Warriors have 16 heart boxes and +3 points of damage.

Fourth Circle – Fourth Circle Warriors have 18 heart boxes, can deal +4 points of damage. At Fourth Circle, Warriors can also Ground Pound when double jumping to cause knockback to foes.

Fifth Circle – At the Fifth Circle, Warriors have 20 heart boxes, and can deal +5 points of damage. They also gain the ability to craft and use the Throwing Axe.

Sixth Circle – By the Sixth Circle, Warriors can do +6 points of damage and have 22 heart boxes.

Seventh Circle – At the Seventh Circle, Warriors have 24 heart boxes and can do +7 damage points.

Eighth Circle – Eighth Circle Warriors have 26 heart boxes and can do an additional +8 points of damage.

Ninth Circle – At the Ninth Circle, Warriors have 28 heart boxes and can do +9 points of damage.

Tenth Circle – Tenth Circle Warriors have an incredible 30 heart boxes, and can do +10 points of damage.

Throwing Weapons

Warriors have access to craft and use two new weapons – a Throwing Knife and a Throwing Axe. Third Circle Warriors can craft a Throwing Axe.

When Warriors reach the Fifth Circle, they can craft and throw Knives. Knives move faster, but do less damage than Throwing Axes. Also, when crafting Throwing Knives, the crafting recipe creates two knives by default.

Using Armor

Unlike every other class, Warriors can wear any armor at any level. They derive maximum benefit from protection, while still retaining all their abilities.

Sorry, Warriors – No Brewing & Enchanting

Because Warriors focus on the physical aspects of combat and martial arts, they can’t brew potions or enchant items. Savvy warriors friend Mages, often performing difficult tasks for them in exchange for enchanted armor and potions of strength and healing.

Double Jump

One of the most useful – and basic – skills that Warriors use is Double Jump. Because of their focus on physical prowess and strength, Warriors can jump higher than other classes.

To Double Jump, just tap the space bar twice while jumping. This works even while standing still – most Warriors can jump double and even triple blocks high using this method.

Ground Pound

Warriors can also Ground Pound to cause damage and knock back to enemies. While jumping or in the air, hold the shift key to immediately head to the ground. The closer you land to an opponent, the more damage and knockback you can cause.

Experience Table

All classes gain abilities through XP. Each level is called a Circle, and represents the increased skill, knowledge, and abilities in their chosen class.

Warriors gain Circles faster than mages, but not as quickly as Rogues.

First Circle – XP level needed 0
Circle – XP level needed 19
Third Circle – XP level needed 47
Fourth Circle – XP level needed 105
Fifth Circle – XP level needed 190
Sixth Circle – XP level needed 310
 Circle – XP level needed 400
Eighth Circle – XP level needed 520
Ninth Circle – XP level needed 742
Tenth Circle – XP level needed 1030