“Lousy thieves get hanged. Great ones become kings.”

— Jakolink, Minos Rogue

Become a Master of Shadows

Rogues are self-reliant characters who possess an uncanny ability to get in – and out – of otherwise difficult places. They can climb walls, hide in shadows, and cover great distances with grappling hooks. A skilled thief is a powerful friend, and a terrible enemy.

Rogues are adventurers who don’t fit in elsewhere. Though often making their living off others in a city area, rogues tend to live lightly enough to leave at a moment’s notice. Each day is an adventure involving great risk – usually death – and rogues rarely relax or let their guard down.

Rogues gain levels faster than other classes, but also plateau sooner with less powerful overall capabilities. However, a skilled rogue is an essential addition to any adventuring party, as rogues are often able to solve puzzles and escape traps that overcome Mages and Warriors.

Circle Abilities

As Rogues gain XP, they rise in abilities – called Circles. Rogues start as First Circle Rogues, and can rise up to Fifth Circle. At each Circle increase, they gain new skills or hone existing ones.

First Circle – A First Circle Rogue can climb walls, hide in shadows, reduce fall damage, and has beginner’s ability in picking pockets and locks.

Second Circle – At the Second Circle, a Rogue improves her ability to pick locks and pockets, and gains a heart box.

Third Circle – Third Circle Rogues can wear chain mail armor, and craft and use the Grappling Hook. They also gain an additional heart box.

Fourth Circle – Shurikens become craftable and throwable at Fourth Circle. Rogues continue to increase skill at picking pockets and locks, and gain another heart box.

Fifth Circle – By the Fifth Circle, a Rogue has mastered picking locks and pockets. Additionally, Rogues are able to disguise themselves as a sheep, villager, or a cow.

If you want to move quietly, you can’t be dressed like a tank.

Rogues are initially limited to just leather armor. By the Third Circle, a Rogue has improved to be able to wear chain mail.

Those are the only two options for Rogues – Leather to start with, and Chain Mail at the high end.

As Rogues increase in XP, they rank up to higher levels – called circles.

Every class in Irrupt has different heartbox levels – Rogues are the most similar to vanilla Minecraft. As Rogues gain experience, they slowly increase their heartbox level.

Can equip and wear Leather Armor – First Circle
no change – Second Circle
Can equip and wear Chain Mail – Third Circle
no change – Fourth Circle
no change – Fifth Circle

First Circle – 10 hearts (standard Minecraft) 
Circle – 11 hearts
Third Circle – 12 hearts
Fourth Circle – 13 hearts
Fifth Circle – 14 hearts


All Rogues can climb walls, a remarkable and important skill. To climb a wall, shift+right mouse click with an empty hand. To hang on to the wall, you must keep the shift key down. Once you let up the shift key, you’ll lose the ability to climb.

It’s a good idea to practice climbing various buildings and surfaces to get the hang of it before attempting more serious work. The truly talented can bypass windows and hang from underneath bridges.

Picking Pockets

As Rogues advance in Circles, they get better at picking pockets. To pick another player’s pocket, start by standing near them. Then right-mouse click them while holding a piece of string.

If you fail, the player may be alerted. If you’re successful, you’ll receive a random part of their inventory – sometimes even the item in their hands!

The Art of Disguise

Master Rogues gain the powers of disguise, able to transform themselves to appear as a villager, sheep, or a cow.

Disguise – To change appearance, a Fifth Circle Rogue types /dis cow , /dis sheep , or /dis villager . To remove the disguise, just type /undisguise  .

Picking Locked Chests & Doors

Another core function of being a Rogue is picking locks – both doors and chests are locked by default in Irrupt. Rogues have found a clever way to get around this.

By holding an iron ingot as a lock pick, a Rogue can right-mouse click a locked door or chest to attempt to pick it and bypass the protection. Careful, though – if you fail, you’ll take some damage. As Rogues reach higher Circles with XP, the chance of success will go up and the damage will come down.

Reduced Fall Damage

Rogues tend to be nimble and and light on their feet – because of this, Rogues have a skill to avoid falling damage. It doesn’t always work, but more often than not a Rogue can land on their feet.

To reduce fall damage, hold down the shift key while falling. When you land, you’ll see a notification for how much your fall damage was reduced.

Hide in Shadows

Rogues are shadow, slippery characters – and have developed a knack for disappearing in the shadows. To hide in the shadows, find a dark place and hold the shift key for more than 3 seconds. If it’s dark enough, you’ll receive the message that you’re invisible! Although mobs can still smell you, you’ll be invisible to other players.

Grappling Hook

At the Third Circle, Rogues can craft and use the Grappling Hook. A grappling hook is made from a fishing rod and three iron ingots – see the recipe on this page. To use the Grapping Hook, cast out the line to a place – something like a rooftop or tree top. Then, once the line has landed, click to pull yourself up.

Grappling Hooks can also be used to pull others to you – try hooking a sheep. Or hook a zombie, and drag it into a pit or a lava moat. Grappling Hooks are versatile tools, and in the hands of a talented Rogue, can be used to great effect.


A Fourth Circle Rogue can craft and use Shuriken – projectile weapons that are thrown at enemies. Usually, Shuriken fall and can be picked up again once the enemy is defeated.

To craft a Shuriken, place a Flint in the center of the crafting screen, and put an iron ingot on the top, bottom, left, and right sides. This crafts four Shuriken. To throw a Shuriken, just aim at your target and mouse-click normally.


Brewing Limits

Only two classes can brew potions – Rogues and Mages. While Mages have the ability to brew any of the standard Minecraft potions, Rogues can only brew one type – poison.

Brewing limits – Poison only 

Experience Table

All classes gain abilities through XP. Each level is called a Circle, and represents the increased skill, knowledge, and abilities in their chosen class.

Rogues gain Circles faster than other classes, but also max out their abilities sooner and fall short of the power available to the other classes.

First Circle – XP level needed 0
Circle – XP level needed 13
Third Circle – XP level needed 24
Fourth Circle – XP level needed 58
Fifth Circle – XP level needed 130