“All powerful magic starts as whispered secrets in the dark.”

— Jessath, The Witch of Deaton Vale

Mystic Power is Yours to Command

Masters of arcane magical forces, mages must work hardest but have the potential to reach the greatest powers. At the highest level, Mages alter the very fabric of reality. Mages begin the game with the least amount of hit boxes, and a penalty for hand to hand combat. They cannot wear armor, but do have access to starting spells.

As Mages progress, they gain the ability to enchant items and creation potions. No other class can enchant items, and the only other class that can make potions are Rogues – and they are limited to harming potions.

As they grown in experience, Mages unlock ever more powerful spells. While Rogues top out at fifth level, and warriors at tenth, Mages can advance in power to twentieth level – a fearsome and powerful individual indeed.

Assuming they live that long. The world is not kind to mages, and their initial weaknesses often prove fatal.

Players can become Mages at The Landing, the spawn world. To become a Mage, left-click the Mage sign on the signboard. There are no materials required or mana points to use magic, but most spells have a cooldown period after each use.

Circle Abilities

As Mages grow in XP, the Circle Level rises as well. At each Circle increase, a Mage automatically learns new spells. Mages cannot wear armor (with the exception of the Armor spell), and gain the ability to enchant items at the Tenth Circle, and brew magical potions at the Fifth Circle

Note: All mages can always use the spells List and Bind. The command /cast list will list all known spells, and the command /cast bind $spellname will bind a spell to an item such as a wooden stick (for a wand) or other item.

First Circle – A Mage can cast Pain, Armor, and Magic Missile. Mages have a -3 modifier when using swords or other types of non-magical PvP.

Second Circle – Mages learn three more spells, Entomb, Leap, and Feather Fall.

Third Circle – At Third Circle, a Mage learns the Freeze, Combust, and Blind spells.

Fourth Circle – Mages can cast additional spells of Levitate, Lightwalk, and Strength.

Fifth Circle – Mages can cast Confusion, Disarm, and Lightning Bolt. They also gain the ability to brew simple potions at Fifth Circle.

Sixth Circle – Mages can cast Wall of Iron, Haste, and Wall of Ice.

Seventh Circle – Mages can cast Summon Water, Stun, and Fireball.

Eighth Circle – Mages can cast Grip, Volley, and Wall of Fire.

Ninth Circle – Mages can cast Repair, Heal, and Darkness.

Tenth Circle – Mages can cast Forcetoss, Cripple, and Polymorph Self (spider, rabbit, villager). Mages can also enchant items at this level.

Eleventh Circle – Mages can cast Forcepush, Web, and Polymorph Other (wolf, bat, or zombie).

Twelfth Circle – Mages can cast Cleanse, Stealth, and Plant Growth.

Thirteenth Circle – Mages can cast Prayer, Drainlife, and Vision.

Fourteenth Circle – Mages can cast Forcebomb, Purge, and Weakness.

Fifteenth Circle – Mages can cast Geyser, Destroy, and Set Fire To. Mages are also now able to brew advanced potions.

Sixteenth Circle – Mages can cast Wither and Teleport.

Seventeenth Circle – Mages can cast Waterwalk, Phase, and Slow.

Eighteenth Circle – Mages can cast Summon Player, Windwalk, and Super Fireball.

Nineteenth Circle – Mages can cast Conjure Animals, Lower Water, and Create Night.

Twentieth Circle – Mages can cast Meteor Swarm, Monster Summoning, and Create Daylight.

As Mages increase in XP, they rank up to higher levels – called circles.

Every class in Irrupt has different heartbox levels – Mages are the weakest, reflecting their focus on mental and mystical energies instead of physical ones. As Mages gain experience, they slowly increase their heartbox level.

Heartboxes Table

First Circle – 6 hearts
Third Circle – 7 hearts
Fifth Circle – 8 hearts
Seventh Circle – 9 hearts
Ninth Circle – 10 hearts
Eleventh Circle – 11 hearts
Thirteenth Circle – 12 hearts
Fifteenth Circle – 13 hearts
Seventeenth Circle – 14 hearts
Nineteenth Circle – 15 hearts
Twentieth Circle – 16 hearts

Armor Limits

Mages are the only class that cannot wear any mundane armor, although they can wear spell armor. As a result, mages tend to stay away from melee combat, preferring instead to fight using mystical arts from a distance. Paired with a warrior, mages make formidable foes.


Mages are the only class capable of enchanting items – that act of imbuing an ordinary item with magical capabilities and powers. For this reason, Rogues and Warriors seek out powerful mages, and occasionally offer to perform service or great feats on their behalf to grant their enchantments on items.

Using a Wand

Many Mages prefer to use a wand to cast spells. To bind a spell to a wand, first hold the wand. Then type /cast bind $spellname. A right-mouse click either enables the spell, or cycles through all bound spells.


Mages are also the only class with access to creating magical potions. While Rogues can brew poisons (which Mages cannot), Mages gain most potion brewing abilities by the Fifth Circle. By the Fifteenth Circle, they can brew all potions (the level II potions). This makes high circle Mages much sought after.

Fifth Circle – Can brew all non-II level potions (splash and regular)
Fifteenth Circle – Can brew all potions (including level II potions)

Spell Abilities

With each Circle a mage gains, their list of spells they can cast increases. Most Mages take a brief time away when they gain a Circle. They typically maintain a laboratory or mystical study – some location where they can practice spells, learning how to use them best in real-world scenarios. Having a safe place to practice helps ensure they can use the spells to maximum effectiveness when the time is right.

Players are encouraged to create such an area, and become proficient in the ranges, cooldowns, and efficacy of each spell they know.

Experience Table

All classes gain abilities through XP. Each level is called a Circle, and represents the increased skill, knowledge, and abilities in their chosen class.

Mages gain Circles slower than all other classes, but gain significantly more power at the higher levels. A mage who lives long enough to see the Eighth Circle is a formidable player.

XP / Circle Table

First Circle – XP level needed 0
Circle – XP level needed 25
Third Circle – XP level needed 50
Fourth Circle – XP level needed 100
Fifth Circle – XP level needed 200
Circle – XP level needed 300
Seventh Circle – XP level needed 600
Eighth Circle – XP level needed 850
Ninth Circle – XP level needed 1000
Tenth Circle – XP level needed 1150

Eleventh Circle – XP level needed 1300
Twelfth Circle – XP level needed 1450
Thirteenth Circle – XP level needed 1600
Fourteenth Circle – XP level needed 1750
Fifteenth Circle – XP level needed 1900
Sixteenth Circle – XP level needed 2050
Seventeenth Circle – XP level needed 2200
Eighteenth Circle – XP level needed 2350
Ninteenth Circle – XP level needed 2500
Twentieth Circle – XP level needed 2650