About Irrupt - Minecraft RPG done right

RPG started in 2012 as an idea for a weekend game. When ralphhogaboom realized the potential in the idea, it quickly grew in scope to include classes, adventure cities, quests, and magic. Ralph started building WorldPainter with help from Gorbb, Mrcreeper and Maximalia, and started writing the lore of the world.

As the scope increased, the ambition overwhelmed those three, and RPG development was halted. Ralph made a backup of the world files, and moved on to other things.

In 2014, Ralph introduced a few story concepts to the main survival server at Hide Your Fire! They were well received, and Ralph remembered his RPG project. Dusting it off, he spent two weeks updating plugins and verifying functionality. He then rebuilt the website, restoring much of the content from archived MySQL backups.

He quickly recruited HeresyHammer and PghPilgrim for the new build team, and they set to work adding puzzles, aquaducts, traps, sewers, and redstone inventions.

The project was again shelved as real life took priority. Then in early 2017, ralphhogaboom dusted off the project and started tinkering for the latest Minecraft release, 1.11.2. Today Irrupt is moving steadily towards release, and we’re looking forward to the next round of private beta testing.

Build Team