Rogues, updated

The Rogues plugin is coming along well. I’ve split out the functionality into skill levels, so the higher the permissions node, the better the chance of success. This makes a higher level thief not just have more abilities, but be better at the abilities they already have.

I’ve also increased the delay for hiding in shadows. Instead of a player waiting one second to turn invisible, they now have to wait three.

To pick pockets, a player must be holding a piece of string, then shift+right mouse click your player/mark. If you miss, you have a 10 second cooldown.

Level 1 rogues have a 1 in 21 chance of success; this increases to 1 in 15 at level 2, 1 in 11 at level 3, 1 in 7 at level 4, and 1 in 3 by level 5. This is the same scale that rogues have for picking locks for both doors and chests/furnaces.

If the rogue fails to pick the pocket, the mark will hear a breath sound – org.bukkit.Sound.ENTITY_PLAYER_BREATH, which is a kind of creepy sound.

Special thanks to xxlightjokerxx and amateursockthief for their help in debugging the latest version of Rogues.

Up next: picking door locks.

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