rogues work

I’ve spent the last few days merging the original code for the old Blothera Thief plugin with the Dark Brotherhood 2 plugin. It’s resulted in my writing a lot of new code, and the end plugin is now called Rogues.

Some of the improvements are permitting Rogues to get better at certain skills – a first level Rogue can pick a locked chest open, but a fifth level Rogue can do it faster and better.

One of the cool bits is that the API for bukkit has gotten so much better since DB2 and BT were written. The old code base references item material by name (material.CHEST, for example). The API supports things like Inventory Holders, which lets me use the same code to access a chest, furnace, or even a llama. Pretty killer.

Up next, finishing door lock picking, redoing pick pocketing, and restricting Rogues to brewing potions of poison only.

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