Adventure as a Warrior, Mage, or Rogue - this is RPG done right!

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Master of Combat

Warriors are dangerous foes. They shoot arrows that poison or slow foes, wall jump, throw knives and axes as projectiles, and do increasing damage. They have significantly extra health. Warriors are an even balance between power and rise through XP.

Disappear in the Shadows

Rogues can turn invisible in the shadows, climb walls, break into doors and chests (even LWC protected chests!) and swipe inventory from those standing right next to them. Craft grappling hooks, and throw shuriken at foes. Thieves gain skills much quicker than other classes, but top out sooner.

Cast Powerful Spells

Mages are wizards with magical abilities. Bind spells to a wand to summon fiery rings, build walls, fly across the water, and more. Mages gain the most power through XP ranking, but take the longest time to get there.

Advanced Players Only

When you die, you lose it all – inventory, class, XP, money, any locks on chests, horses, rented rooms, you name it. There are no teleports. You need to be good to stay alive. Each life is a new chance, completely from scratch.

Rich, Detailed World

Our map is custom created in WorldPainter to bring out truly monumental features on a carefully modeled, naturally-cohesive continent.

Adventure Awaits

Various cities, ruins, and temples are hidden around the world. They’re filled with traps, mobs, and loot chests. Get to it!

Our Mobs Are Tough

The mobs are tougher. They smell you from miles away. They’re stronger, too. Zombies will stun you when they hit. Be careful out there.

Ooh, la la

From the Maelstrom in the ocean, to Mount Hiteh (a fiery volcano surrounded by epic snow covered peaks), from the dense jungle hiding an ancient temple, to the vast taiga, beaches, islands, and plains, this Minecraft is vivid.

Let’s Get Real

You can’t carry everything, in fact, you can’t carry very much at all. Inventory stacks are scaled down. You’ll need to rely on your team mates, or choose what to take carefully.

Not Just Anyone Can Be A Coal Miner

Stone is too hard to mine with a wooden pick. You can’t dig out the world’s most amazing tunnel unless you’re willing to suffer for it. Scout for natural caverns and adapt, realistic-like. Watch out for cave-ins, too; most materials don’t float in midair. You’ll need to build according to physics.


Torch Song

Rain puts out torches, and can’t be placed deep in caves – there’s not enough oxygen to burn them.

Swim Team

Don’t expect to swim well if you’re carrying a lot of inventory. Glug, glug, glug.

4-H Club

Farming gets real. Sometimes crops die. Plants won’t grow in torchlight, only natural light. And you can’t craft seeds, making them more valuable.

Voices Carry

Watch your words – and your distance. There is no server-wide chat. Only people near you can hear you, making it all the more terrifying when you get separated from the rest of your party in a dungeon.


Three server-made cities exist as mostly safe zones. You can find constables inside, that reward mob bounties; sell those creepers heads and earn enough coin to stay in the inn a few nights. Raid that lost temple in the jungle and you might just come back with enough loot to buy your own land in a safe zone.

Cities sell food, horses, armor, weapons, mining gear, and more. Once you’ve earned enough coin, you can even buy individual plots of land in the safe zones where you can retire and count your scars, my friend.

Role Play

Live in the cities as a thief, hiding in shadows and stealing from chests to finance your lifestyle. Become a powerful wizard, hiring mercenary players to escort you through dungeons for magical items. Master the bow and arrow, commanding deadly force. Open a shop, and try your luck as a merchant. Adventure in the open world, build a fort and attempt to protect yourself from the hordes. The path you choose is yours.

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